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At Yekan Niroo Paya Co. we seek to provide unrivaled customer care by putting customers at the heart of our business and cultivating long term relationships as a partner of choice. Systems Power Engineering Limited has extensive experience of South Wales Switchgear, Brush, GEC, AEI, English Electric, Ferguson Pailin, Switchgear & Cowans, Reyrolle, Met Vic, Crompton Parkinson, British Thomson Houston, Johnson & Philips and Statter electrical products and switchgear. We specialize in the provision of sound engineering and cost effective solutions to meet customer requirements. At Systems Power Engineering Limited we pride ourselves on a proven track record of products and services supplied to global markets and continually seek to develop and expand our product portfolio to meet customer demands.

Saeed Saremi

Services & Projects Manager


Keyhan Saremi

Sales Manager


Elham Sahraei

Sales Admin


Mehdi Goodarzi

Procurement Officer

Masoud Saremi


Dina Danesh

Account Manager

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The continuous change of the environment in terms of economical, social and cultural conditions lead to a constant development of Yekan Niroo. We understand ourselves as a "learning organization" and support the skill development of our employees and the optimization of business processes. Not only the technical know-how and long-term experience of our employees, but also our ability to innovate, which is indispensable to solving difficult technical problems, sum up our core competencies. To our customers we are opening up the possibility to acquire technically demanding engineering services as well as the all the necessary installation expertise. Task specific, we develop vendor independent concepts and offer complex problems solutions from a single source.

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February 20, 2017
Yekan Niroo- یکان نیرو - یکان نیرو پایا-Masterpact M- Masterpact- Schneider- Schneider electric- retrofit- Mastrepact M Retrofit- Masterpact NW- مسترپکت- اشنایدر- اشنایدرالکتریک

Masterpact M Retrofit Solutions

February 20, 2017

Protection Testing and Commissioning Services

February 20, 2017

Switchgear Refurbishment

February 20, 2017

Installation and Commissioning Services

February 20, 2017

SEPAM 1000 Retrofit Solutions

February 20, 2017

Protection Grading

February 20, 2017

Turn key Installations

February 11, 2017
Gutor یکان نیرو یکان نیرو پایا گوتور

Gutor Electronics Sales

May 13, 2014

Protection Upgrades

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